Ciencia8 BLUELIMIN8 30ML


Bluelimin8 is the world’s first product designed the protect and repair damage caused to the skin by digital and artificial blue light. Whilst other products focus only on protecting from the sun’s UV rays, Bluelimin8 protects and repairs the skin from the damage caused by blue light which comes from the technology we use on a daily basis, such as television, computers, tablets and smartphones.

The key ingredients in Bluelimin8 are:
  • LIPOMOIST- Our exclusive and unique formulation delivering more potent hydration than hyaluronic acid delivery.
  • LUMICEASE BLUE- minimises the main signs of photo-ageing by preparing the skin for the exposure to solar and artificial blue light while protecting it during the exposure and repairing it in the case of light-induced damage.
How To Use : Prepares, protects and repairs the damage caused by artificial blue light, reducing wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation.  Apply to face, including eye area and hands.  Use morning and night.